The 7th Annual Strider Cup World Championship

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Strider World Championship

Nearly 400 toddlers aged 18 months to five years were ready to ride at the 7th Annual Strider Cup World Championship in Salt Lake City, UT, on July 22, 2017. Families traveled from across the U.S., and there were 50 competitors representing 14 additional countries: Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The toddlers piloted Strider bikes along a 750-foot-plus course with obstacles, water features, cones, and ramps. The youngest registered racer was 18-month-old Walker Huntsman of Salt Lake City.

“The Strider bikes give them something healthy to do,” said Brett Windfrey of Ogden, UT. He had three sons racing: two-year-old twins Masen and Jett, and five-year-old Carrter. “The first thing they want to do when they wake up is go outside and ride.”

The toddlers from Japan dominated the races, taking home all world titles. The Strider Cup World Championship included the two and under class and the three-year-old class. Kaisei Nishimura won the two and under class, and Raito Kaneko came out on top of the largest field of the day in the three-year-old class title. Taiga Kuwahara took home the top trophy in the four-year-old class. Waku Kunitate won the five-year-old class.

The event also included the Special Needs Races for 30 racers of all ages and abilities on the 12-inch models, as well as the 16-inch and 20-inch balance bikes. Several athletes with the Jimmy Jaguars and Bright Bears Special Olympics teams participated.

Prior to the championship race, Strider hosted three Strider Cup races in cities around the country: May 6 in Fort Worth, TX; May 27 in Pittsburgh, PA; and June 10 in Lincoln, NE.

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