REVER and Honda’s Pass-Bagger Challenge

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REVER Honda Pass-Bagger Challenge

REVER and Honda recently announced a new program: the Honda Pass-Bagger Challenge. The free challenge, which is hosted on the REVER mobile app and website, lists every rideable mountain pass in the United States and encourages riders to visit as many as possible. REVER automatically recognizes when a rider has snagged a pass and keeps track of his or her progress on a global leaderboard. As riders accumulate passes, they also unlock access to exclusive stickers and swag to show off their accomplishments.

The REVER app (pronounced REV-er) is available for free on iOS and Android. It works in conjunction with REVER’s website to help riders discover new roads, create custom routes, track rides, and be a part of a global community of motorcyclists. Since the app launched in 2015, REVER users have tracked millions of miles on motorcycle rides in over 125 countries around the world. To learn more, visit

Text and Photography: REVER


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