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I didn’t grow up camping. But I love to travel with the bare necessities, with everything I might need on my back—or in this case, on the back of my motorcycle.

Lone Rider is best known for its MotoTent, a lightweight two- or three-person tent with a motorcycle canopy, but I wanted something smaller. The MiniTent is perfect for the solo traveler. Made with high-quality UV-resistant and fire-retardant materials, it has a waterproof coating. Ten aircraft-grade aluminum pegs and two poles keep you tethered to the ground; a blessing in my case, as I used it on a windy night near the Atlantic.

Retailing for about $215, the tent has less-expensive rivals, but many are bulkier. The MiniTent weighs 2.69 pounds and can fit into most motorcycle side cases. I simply strapped it to my DR’s tail. Once set up, there’s room at the head of the tent to store your belongings. Best of all, the inner tent is made of a mesh material that’s perfect to use on a warm, clear night when you want to do a little stargazing from your sleeping bag. Claustrophobes will appreciate the breath of fresh air.

Lone Rider wanted this tent to be practical for a wide range of uses. Once broken down, the satchel it’s stored in is 15.7 x 5.1 inches. This is compact enough to strap to a pack, and stealthy solo campers and travelers will find it to be a reliable and even cozy home on the road.

Lone Rider MiniTent
Price: $215


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