Entire Laverda Motorcycle Museum Collection for Sale

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Some news is too fascinating not to share.

Currently, 81 Laverda motorcycles, prototypes, and collectibles are for sale, including every model ever made by Laverda from 1950-2000. Due to long-term health issues, renowned collector and marque specialist Cor Dees is looking to sell the entire collection to someone who will keep the motorcycles on display to the public and who is based in Italy, Europe, or somewhere else with strong ties to the brand. According to Dees’ broker, Via Thema, he is “ready to sell his collection at a very reasonable price if the next owner is a real enthusiast and willing to exhibit the collection for the next decades.”

LaverdaDees’ Laverda Museum opened in 2006 in the Netherlands. Due to his extensive knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering, all the bikes are in original, mint, or near-mint condition. Only a few are in need of restoration.

Established in October 1949 by Francesco Laverda, Moto Laverda started in Breganze, in the Italian province of Vicenza. Until the ’60s, production was focused on small-engine bikes, mopeds, and scooters. Much success came in the ’70s with the Laverda 750, which opened the door to a series of sportbikes that contributed to Laverda’s legend. After a rough financial period in the ’90s, Laverda was acquired by Aprilia. When Piaggio absorbed Aprilia, it absorbed Laverda, then closed all activities related to the Breganze brand.

Maybe you’re not in the market for a motorcycle collection. Still, we encourage you to check out the pictures and read up on the bikes for sale at Via Thema. “Laverda” is not a name you hear much anymore; consider this a fun, brief lesson in moto history.

Photography: Via Thema


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