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One morning last spring I was headed to work and riding near the posted speed limit in an area where I see deer almost daily. I was surprised and startled by a driver who sped past me at double the speed limit, came far too close to me for my comfort, and then drove through a stop sign without stopping. Annoyed, I got his license plate and called in a police report. The officer said he’d write a ticket but that I’d have to appear in court to testify. My one thought was, if only I had it on camera. Now, thanks to the Innovv K1, any similar future incidents will be captured, easily, and hands-free.

Innovv motorcycle cameraThe K1 is designed to be a no-hassle system. The small DVR unit can be mounted under your seat and powers on and begins filming when your bike is started. It powers off when the ignition is switched off. A button about the size of a quarter enables you to save a segment of video and prevent it from being overwritten. The video (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) is recorded to a micro SD card, so reviewing it is as easy as popping out the card and inserting it into a reader plugged into your smartphone. The K1 includes two lenses, one for the front and one for the rear, both recording constantly into segment lengths you specify (one, two, or 10 minutes). The unit can also be setup to continue recording for a time after you’ve parked your bike or when it detects motion.

Two 140-degree lenses, front and rear with mounting hardware brackets, a DVR unit with mount and protective bag, a GPS unit to record speed, lenses and cables for hookup to a video display, screws and 3M double-sided mounting tape, a power cable for battery connection, and adhesive cable hooks for securing the cables leading to the lenses are included. The only thing not included is a micro SD card. A 64-gig card will record 5.5 hours before the oldest segments are overwritten and costs about $20.

Installation is a breeze. The most difficult part may be locating adequate mounting points. I installed the rear lens on the license plate bracket of my V-Strom. The front lens I mounted using a screw under the front cowling, directly above the front fender. These locations offer the widest view of the road from both directions. Installing the lenses required nothing other than the included hardware. The DVR unit and GPS receiver are not waterproof and should be fastened under the seat. The GPS can be tape-mounted, and the DVR snaps into a cradle that can be attached with small screws (also included). The lens rotation can be set from a menu within the DVR itself to accommodate a variety of setup configurations. I mounted the “save/start/stop recording” button on my gas tank in front of my seat for easy access.

I’ve been using the K1 for nearly a month. It has worked flawlessly and records high quality video (I chose 10-minute segment lengths) with no effort. The save button blinks red when the unit is recording and this can be impossible to see in the daytime, but the unit audibly says “recording started” at startup and “recording stopped” at shutdown (loud enough to be heard inside a helmet with the motor running), so there is no need to check the button for activity. The installation is nearly invisible so there is almost no chance it can be noticed or stolen, unlike bar-mounted cameras.

The Innovv K1 records every ride front and back all the time. The only effort required is to push the button to save the current video segment (in MP4 format) should you need to or simply just want to save a nice section of road. Video can be played back on the unit itself or on a smartphone, television, or external monitor. The DVR has loads of configurable settings for your riding preference. If you’re looking for an easy way to record rides or to protect your motorcycle from theft, the Innovv K1 is an affordable, reliable solution.

Innovv K1 Motorcycle Camera
Price: $265



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