RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: The Rattler (NC-209)

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The Rattler

This may not be the longest bucket road in America, but it is technically challenging and highly scenic, and who says you only have to ride The Rattler just once? Zooming along this undulating ribbon of blacktop is a real hoot and it will become immediately obvious why it’s named after a serpent. Have fun, but don’t temp The Rattler to bite by dialing in too much speed! Before heading back, riders can take time out for a relaxing soak at the northern terminus in Hot Springs, NC.

Best Time to Go: Summer is peak season. September and October are perfect for leaf peeping.

Scenery: Classic Appalachian country topography with rushing streams and pleasing valley and mountain vistas.

Curves: Virtually non-stop sweeping and hairpin curves, elevation changes, and limited sight lines due to dense foliage.

Traffic: Usually light, but many motorcyclists gravitate here on weekends.

Distance: 36 miles

Time Required: Approximately one hour or less.

Technical Difficulty: High at speed



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