Electric Motorcycle Federal Tax Credit Set to Expire in 10 Days

Dec 21, 2016 View Comments by

2017 Zero FX

As 2016 is coming to a close, one of the questions consumers may be asking themselves is if the tax incentive for two-wheel vehicles will be renewed.

Buyers of plug-in electric motorcycles benefit from a 10-percent federal tax credit on their purchase. Zero Motorcycles is reminding potential buyers that on December 31, 2016, that tax credit is set to expire. This means riders have 10 days to save $2,500+ on the purchase price of an electric motorcycle.

With its 100-percent electric powertrain, Zero motorcycles offers long-term cost benefits, along with less pollution, greater efficiency, and significantly reduced CO2 and noxious fumes emissions. In addition to the federal incentive, also known as the two-wheeled plug-in tax credit, many states offer incentives. With 2017 models Electric motorcycles face an uncertain future in regard to these incentives and federal refunds though.

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Text and Photography: Zero Motorcycles


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