2017 Honda CB1100 EX to be Available in the U.S. May 2017

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2017 Honda CBR1100 EX

The letters CB have always meant a great deal to Honda and Honda owners. When Honda first brought the CB1100 to the U.S. in 2013, it satisfied the demand of an army of riders for whom a traditionally styled air-cooled four-cylinder CB was a must-have piece of engineering craftsmanship. In 2017, a revised but retro-styled version will make its way to U.S. dealerships. Manufactured in Honda’s Kumamoto factory, the 2017 CB1100 EX boasts a series of performance upgrades.

“Building on the CB1100’s desirability and joy of ownership, while adding functionality and quality to deepen the sense of fulfillment, were very important elements for us to consider,” said Mitsunobu Imada, large project leader for the 2017 CB1100 EX. “With the CB1100 EX, we hope many riders get to appreciate and understand a very traditional motorcycle structure.”

The CB1100 EX has the proportion and silhouette of a true ’70s superbike. Its curvaceous fuel tank has a seamless design, with single round headlight and twin instrument dials. The front and rear lights are LED and new 18-inch wheels run stainless steel spokes. The classic tubular-steel frame has relaxed steering geometry, sure-footed stability, and neutral handling characteristics. The 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve fork (SDBV) and twin Showa shocks offer improved suspension compliance, and ABS brakes are standard. The subtly blacked-out engine breathes more easily thanks to revised inlets and smaller, lighter dual chrome mufflers, producing linear, instantly accessible power and torque. An assist and slipper clutch makes for easier lever engagement and rear-wheel stability on downshifts.

Price is TBD. Available in Candy Red, the CB1100 EX will make its way to U.S. dealerships in May.

Source: Honda

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