2016 Road Warrior Ride Heads to New Orleans

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2016 Road Warrior Ride

The 2016 Road Warrior Ride started last weekend, departing from Johnson Creek, WI, on its way to New Orleans Bike Week, a rally that helps to raise money for veterans.

A core group of eight veterans, sponsored by the Road Warrior Foundation (RWF) and Can-Am, are taking the ride atop 2016 Spyder F3 Limited Editions. They were also provided gear by BRP and RWF, and several got their motorcycle endorsement just for this trip, underscoring the Spyder’s quick learning curve. In addition, a support team and about 40-50 Spyder owners from the Wisconsin-based Spyder Owners and Riders (SOAR) group are taking the journey, with many more riders joining up along the way. The whole idea is to provide an adventure that improves the lives of veterans, which is the Road Warrior Foundation mission.

The group has stopped in Moline, IL, St. Louis and Springfield, MO, Little Rock, AR, and are on their way to Monroe, LA. Early morning wake-ups, strong coffee, and miles of twisty roads are all part of the fun.

“Not only are we all getting some ‘windshield therapy’ as we ride, we’re also impacting others along the way. We’ve been warmly welcomed at every stop, sharing stories and connecting with people who are equally as passionate about supporting veterans. Whether they’ve served themselves, had/have children in the military or simply respect the service, the sharing of stories is profoundly impactful,” BRP/Can-Am’s Brian Manning reported from the road.

At Sturgis this year, Can-Am presented a custom military-themed Spyder to the Road Warrior Foundation, and they’re auctioning it off on eBay to help pay for the annual ride. The auction ends today, September 24, at 5 p.m.

To learn more, visit www.roadwarrior.org.

Image: BRP/Can-Am


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