Combining Hobbies with Riding: Photography

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Combining Hobbies With Riding: PhotographyMotorcycle-sized Fun

As wonderful as motorcycling is, there are plenty of other enjoyable ways riders like to spend their free time. Some like golf, others hiking, fishing, kayaking, or other outdoor activities. Some dabble in photography, art, writing, or different creative endeavors. Due to limited storage capacity, it can be daunting to incorporate other favorite pastimes into one’s motorcycle tours.

Fortunately, where there’s a will there’s a way. Surprisingly, there are a number of products out there that allow riders to take maximum advantage of their precious leisure time (and luggage space).

We decided on five different hobbies that also tend to be popular among motorcyclists: fishingbicycling, photography, golf, and even kayaking. Here is hobby number five…

Motorcycles can be hard on expensive camera gear. Engine vibration and jolts from the road can damage sensitive electronic and glass components—a major bummer, especially when in the midst of a particularly scenic tour. Three solutions for keeping precious photo gear safe while on the road come from Touratech and Pelican Cases.

Combining Hobbies With Riding: PhotographyTouratech Photographer Tankbag Large

This tankbag features around half an inch of thick foam at its base to isolate the camera and lenses from the vibrations of the bike. Inside, the thinly padded Velcro partitions can be positioned to fit the needs of a particular equipment set. The bag’s base secures to the tank via straps (no magnets here) while the bag itself attaches to the base via a large zipper, making it easy to take on and off. The bag also features three side pockets, a carry strap, and straps to convert it to a backpack when off the bike. There’s also a large clear map sleeve (perfect for RoadRUNNER’s tankbag maps) and a waterproof rainfly. $412 from

Combining Hobbies With Riding: Photography

Pelican 1527 Soft Camera Bag and 1520 Hard Case

Sized and shaped to fit inside most panniers, the 1527 Soft Camera Bag from Pelican also features a customizable interior to accommodate gear. It’s densely padded for protection and is constructed of waterproof ballistic nylon. A shoulder strap for carrying it off the bike is included. $180.58

If, however, one is looking for a more permanent, built-onto-the-bike solution, Pelican’s 1520 Hard Case can be bolted onto a bike’s luggage rack in place of a topcase. The interior of the case is solid foam that’s been cut in cubes so that it can be customized to perfectly fit cameras and lenses. The hard plastic case is waterproof, airtight, and according to Pelican, “unbreakable.” $126.45 from


Text: David Burbach
Originally appeared July 7, 2015

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