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George A. Wyman Reaches the Mississippi River

Jul 29, 2016 View Comments by

“At Clinton I was nearing Chicago, within 150 miles of it, and on the morning of June 18, when I left Clinton, Iowa, at 6:30 a.m.  I hoped to reach it before noon on the following day. Shortly after leaving Dixon. about two miles, I crossed the ‘Father of Waters’ and was at last east of the Mississippi and into Illinois, where I was told at the start I never would get with my motor bicycle.”

– George A Wyman

We are a nation of people that have been told no, a nation of immigrants that would not take no for an answer and would cross oceans and continents in search of yes. Wyman is a prime example of that spirit and this trip on a Zero electric motorcycle is an affirmation that the spirit still lives. It’s kind of amazing that Zero is celebrating their tenth anniversary, because in that decade they have heard plenty of no (along with plenty of jokes about AA batteries and hundred mile long extension cords), yet they persist. And here I stand, on the banks of the “Father of Waters”, with a Zero electric motorcycle by my side and the story of George A Wyman urging me onward towards Chicago, New York, and beyond.

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