Review: TCX Infinity EVO GORE-TEX Boots

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What’s the primary reason for wearing boots while riding a motorcycle? Comfort? Important, but no. Style? Shouldn’t be. If you said protection, then go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Comfort and style could be more easily accomplished with other types of footwear, but only dedicated motorcycle boots can supply the required level of defense against injury should a crash happen.

TCX Infinity EVO GORE-TEX BootsShort of the armor level offered by motocross boots, the Infinity EVOs have as much crash defense as any other street-oriented riding boot. This starts with a stiff Michelin rubber sole that’s flexible enough to be comfortable to walk in while resisting bending and twisting forces. The uppers are constructed of full-grain leather and suede. The chassis has PU armor built into the toe, heel, and malleolus areas, as well as a tough shin plate. To ensure a tight fit and to keep everything anatomically correct in an accident, two adjustable aluminum buckles secure the Infinity EVO onto the wearer’s foot. The buckles can also be replaced if they’re damaged.

There’s more to these than just crash protection—with GORE-TEX in the name you know they’ll protect your toes from the wind and rain, too. I’ve been caught in several rainstorms while wearing the Infinitys, including one that I rode through for several hours. As the rest of me got progressively wetter, the water remained powerless to penetrate the boot’s integrated GORE-TEX lining. As with just about all waterproof gear, however, there is a drawback. When it’s not raining and it’s hot, your feet will sweat. Even so, wearing the Infinity EVOs is almost entirely a pleasant experience. The soles offer plenty of grip on a variety of surfaces, including motorcycle pegs, and the buckles keep the boots snug but not too tight.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this set of footwear from TCX is that they’re as at home astride an adventure or dual-sport bike on the trail as they are carving corners on a street machine.

TCX Infinity EVO GORE-TEX Boots
Sizes: Men’s 5-13
Price: $429.99
Color: Black


Review: David Burbach

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