Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tires: Reader Road Test

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When Rubber Meets the Road

In early 2016, we partnered with Metzeler and asked our readers to participate in a unique opportunity to put real-life miles, on real-life motorcycles, while on real-life tours. Metzeler selected riders from across the country on a variety of motorcycles to test the all-new Roadtec 01. Here are their first impressions.

Dean C., Illinois, 2010 Honda VFR1200

I have been riding since I was 18 and have owned 11 bikes, four remaining in my garage at present. I really enjoy the variety of having several bikes at my disposal.

Feedback: I’ve logged about 250 miles so far and have tried them on a couple very cold mornings. I deliberately didn’t warm them up before taking a few quick corners (not at high speed) and found no reluctance to hang on tight to the road. Long sweepers gave me a feel for the tires’ willingness to turn in. I was quite surprised at their nimbleness. Got the bike over in some tight turns and they displayed none of the squirmy feel new tires sometimes exhibit. Virtually no break-in period required.

Denise D., Oklahoma, 2001 Yamaha FZ1

Started riding at 14 years old. I did 65,000 miles in five years on a Nighthawk 750, and my current FZ1 has just over 240,000 miles!

Feedback: From interstates to partly wet roads with lots of technical curves, I never felt like the tires would let me down. The Roadtec 01 tires did everything I asked, and I put 969 miles on them this past weekend.

Metzeler reader road test

Pat L., California, 2004 BMW K 1200 GT

I’ve been riding since I was about six. I commute to work on a daily basis during the week and lead group rides during the weekend, easily putting about 1,000 miles on my bike per month.

Feedback: The biggest difference is the smoothness in ride. Feels as though there is less rolling resistance, however my mileage is the same. Had about 30 miles of rain riding since installation and traction was good.

Bill H., Illinois, 2015 Yamaha FJ-09

I got into motorcycles 20 years ago. Ended up with a used Suzuki DR650. Now I have three horses in the stable.

Feedback: The Metzelers are more supple than the OEM tire—they took some of the edge out of the FJ-09’s stiff suspension. I love the tread pattern, and I should be able to monitor wear better than previous Z6 and Z8s, because there’s actual tread in the center tire.

Dane G., Missouri, 2014 Triumph Trophy SE

Riding for 38 years and counting. I have a 2014 Triumph Trophy SE and Husqvarna FE 501 S. I often ride with my wife and our usual ride is 250 to 400 miles.

Feedback: These tires have a very round profile, hold a line nicely, and allow easy changes mid-line. Extremely grippy in the rain.


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