Way of Ella—Three Mopeds Across the United States

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Three German philanthropists are riding their vintage Zündapp mopeds across the United States to raise money that will help children in Vietnam who suffer from damage caused by the use of Agent Orange years ago. The war might be over, but the effects of the chemical warfare linger. One hundred percent of donations will benefit the home for these children in Vietnam, while the three adventurers pay their own way.


They’ll start in New York City, then, via Niagara, make their way to St. Louis, where they’ll head south to New Orleans. Riding 2,200 miles on ‘60s mopeds with a top speed of 25 mph will allow them maximum time to enjoy their surroundings and meet people along the way. Check out their mopeds in this picture gallery.

Route-Way of Ella

If you’d like to donate (spenden in German), look for the PayPal buttons on the right-hand side. If you’d like to offer on-the-road assistance to the band of riders, please contact them here or connect with them on social media.

Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their travels and get an inside look.

We realize most of it is in German, but the site has a translation feature, which more or less gets the meaning across. Good deeds span across languages.







Photography: Way of Ella

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