DIY: The Ducati Meccano Monster 1200 S

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At RoadRUNNER, we love our motorcycles … and our motorcycle models and toys, too!

Riders and builders alike will love tinkering with the new build-it-yourself version of the Monster 1200 S. Thanks to a new collaboration, Spin Master Corp., a leading company worldwide in the children’s entertainment sector, is working with Ducati to create and distribute a series of Meccano model sets dedicated to the iconic Italian motorcycles.

Ducati Meccano

Originally called Mechanics Made Easy, Meccano was founded in the early 1900s by Frank Hornby, who set out to create simple mechanical models—with interchangeable parts that could be used to create different models—for his children.

Ducati is making its Meccano debut with the Monster 1200 S Build and Play, a detailed but easy-to-build set comprising more than 290 parts. It features a coil-spring suspension, multi-piece wheels, rear steering, and even a functioning kickstand and side-mounted staggered shotgun exhaust. While the set doesn’t imitate the Monster 1200 S and its 1198cc L-twin Testastretta engine precisely, the point here is fun, imagination, and a couple hours of construction.

Ducati Monster 1200 S
The Ducati Monster 1200 S Build and Play is currently available at toy stores and chains that carry Meccano products. While Ducati and Spin Master didn’t mention how many models or units of these kits will be made, we’re thinking a Scrambler or Panigale might make an appearance in the future.


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