Being a Rider Makes You a Better Driver

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Motorcycle Safety: Taking a Breather“Thumbs up to motorcyclists everywhere for being better drivers,” reported the March 2016 issue of American Motorcyclist.

According to a report from the British insurance company Equity Red Star, motorcyclists are 23% less likely, on average, to make a claim on their car policy, indicating that riders are safer than other drivers behind the wheel of a car.

Even after ERS adjusted the figures to account for age difference in car drivers and motorcyclists, the company still reports riders are 21% better at driving.

By examining 200 million policies between 2007 and 2012, the motor insurer—in the business for more than 60 years—found that motorcyclists were 20% less likely to make a bodily injury claim on their car policy. Rob Clark, Head of Retail Motor at ERS, presented this data at a conference in London organized by the Motorcycle Industry Association to examine evidence that increasing the number of motorcyclists on the road could actually improve safety.

RoadRUNNER readers already know this to be true. But what about our non-riding friends?

Encourage them to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course!

The MSF is an internationally recognized non-profit foundation offering an array of hands-on, classroom-only, and online motorcycle safety and training courses. These are usually available locally at community colleges for a small fee, last only a couple weeks, and are great for drivers who want to learn how to ride or who want to apply the lessons of riding to their driving.

Pass the news on! More information on MSF courses can be found at

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