‘Grizzly’ to Attempt Record-Breaking Motorcycle Trip Around the World

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Swiss endurance rider Urs Pedraita—better known as Grisu Grizzly—is setting off next month on a record-breaking ride around the world. Rolling out of Daytona Bike Week’s busy main street at 1 p.m. on Friday, March 11, his goal is to ride his Victory Cross Country around the globe in less than 100 days.

Right now the record stands at 120 days, but Grizzly’s plan is to pass through all six continents at a continuous speed and with as few stops as possible. He even plans to touch down in Antarctica, hoping to make a virtually-unbeatable record.

For the past year, he’s prepared for this journey by taking acclimatization rides in sub-zero temperatures. In Siberia, he notes in the video below, his greatest threat wasn’t just the unimaginably low temperatures but the hungry wild animals tracking him as he pushed across frozen open roads. To take quick power naps, he’d pull his bike over, stay on it, and keep the engine running to ward off predators.

This isn’t Grizzly’s first time at the rodeo. Preferring cold-weather riding to hot-weather riding, his first big ride on a Cross Country was in 2013 when he completed a 9,000-mile trip in just 37 days—in the winter. Combining boundless energy and an ability to survive on mere cat naps (between 10 minutes to two hours), the endurance rider says he’s ready to flex some ‘Modern American Muscle’ on board his Victory.

Additional items on his bagger include navigation systems, a 33-litre fuel tank, a customized seat with back support, and two LED headlights added on the front for better visibility during long night rides. Fans can follow his progress using the ‘Grizzly Tracker app,‘ which shows where Grizzly is at any time during the attempt.

To achieve his goal, he’ll need to finish his round-the-world ride by May 20, and owners of Victory Motorcycles are invited to join him on March 11 for one last lap of the Daytona 200 road course before he departs.

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