Fundy Adventure Rally

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at_the_finishCanada Moto Guide (CMG) Rallies gathered adventure riders in Sussex, New Brunswick, September 11–13, for the 2015 Fundy Adventure Rally (FAR). This year’s theme—Get Dirty Down East—couldn’t have been more fitting. With Tropical Storm Henri arriving as an uninvited guest, the torrential rain turned the trails into muddy streams and the water crossings into chest deep torrents. That didn’t stop the 91 eager adventure riders from tackling these backroads. If nothing else, it added a whole new level of difficulty and enthusiasm.

Riders were able to pick and choose among selected routes, based on their skill level and desire for off-road adventure. The “A” routes (a car could do it) were now looking more like “Bs” (a truck could do it). Cautions were given for the “C” routes (a truck could not do it) considering how much rain had fallen; swollen rivers and washed out roads were likely.

The CMG crew was out in full force on Saturday morning, with riders leaving in teams on alternate routes, starting at 5:45 a.m. The rain had stopped and the skies were thinning out, promising a dryer day. Riders of all skill levels braved the various routes for a 12-hour day of dirt road, trail, and track riding.

The winning team completed the rally in 10 hours and 48 minutes, despite the weather and trail conditions. Clinton Smout’s expert off-road riding classes (held on Thursday) were touted for improving riders’ handling of the particularly messy tracks and steep rocky grades. Riders eagerly discussed their adventures before retiring in front of a bonfire.

The FAR left them all sore, tired, and in the state of euphoria you only feel after doing something you love with friends of the same ilk.

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