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Luxury isn’t a word often associated with motorcycle touring or tour companies. By nature, motorcycles just aren’t that opulent, which is part of their appeal. Being out in nature, feeling the wind and the weather is an incomparable and wonderful, if hardly luxurious, experience. While there’s not a whole lot that can be done to improve the riding experience on the bike during a motorcycle tour, there are plenty of ways to enhance the trip during the time spent out of the saddle.

Chrome Thunder Motorcycle Tours was founded on the belief that time off the bike shouldn’t just be an afterthought on a motorcycle tour, it should be filled with carefree relaxation and comfort. Chrome Thunder is the country’s only true VIP motorcycle tour company.

Chrome Thunder sets themselves apart with a variety of offerings you’ll be hard pressed to find on other motorcycle tours. It all starts with limousine service from the airport and simplified check in at a highly exclusive hotel. All dinner reservations (at only the best restaurants, of course) are taken care of.

When it comes to the actual ride Chrome Thunder offers a variety of brand new Harley-Davidsons for rent, or you’re welcome to bring your own bike. Either way, each morning you’ll come out to a freshly washed, inspected, and fully fueled motorcycle. All gas and maintenance is supplied by Chrome Thunder.

Chrome Thunder also provides a full size RV to serve as a chase vehicle. That means that whenever you stop to enjoy a scenic overlook or just to take a break, snacks and cold beverages are always on hand. There’s plenty of room for all your extra luggage, too and even full restroom facilities wherever you go. How’s that for a new experience?

When it comes time to park the bike for the evening you’ll be doing so at some of the most exclusive and luxurious properties available. Many of these resorts, ranches, spas, and bungalows have to be reserved months in advance. These are some of the best accommodations you’ll find anywhere in the world.

When touring with Chrome Thunder all ancillary expenses like park entrance fees, valet parking, spa treatments, etc. are included. On the Grand Canyon route that even includes a helicopter tour. In short, if you’re looking for the ultimate in premium motorcycle touring, be sure to check out Chrome Thunder Motorcycle Tours.

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