Progressive 444 Series Shocks for Tri-Glide

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Progressive 444 Series Shocks for Tri-GlidePS - 444 Series ShocksAftermarket Trike Suspension –

In the crowded motorcycle aftermarket often times trikes get overlooked. Usually this is because trikes are, for the most part, somewhat aftermarket themselves. There’s a wide variety of manufacturers supplying trike kits for two wheelers like Gold Wings, Harleys, BMWs, and others. Harely-Davidson, on the other hand, offers two trikes right out of the factory, the Tri-Glide Ultra and the Freewheeler. Since these three wheelers are factory machines, there’s a greater opportunity for the aftermarket to offer upgrades.

In that vain, Progressive Suspension recently announced that they are now offering their 444 Series shocks for fitment on the Tri-Glide. The shocks are built to handle the Tri-Glide’s substantial weight and are able to dynamically adjust damping as needed. The 444s are half an inch longer than the OE shocks to increase ground clearance and give more suspension travel. Standard and heavy spring rates are available. All Progressive shocks come with a lifetime warranty.

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