Lightning Motorcycle On Display at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks

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Lightning Motorcycle On Display at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks200+ MPH Electric Motorcycle –

Lightning Motorcycle On Display at Gordon McCall’s MotorworksThe Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance is one of the world’s most famous and prestigious car (and motorcycle shows). In the days leading up to the event, high end auto and some motorcycle manufacturers flock to the area in an attempt to get their products in front of the discerning eyes of Concours goers. Gordon McCall’s Motorworks is one of the venues frequented by such individuals before the main show. McCall’s is known for displaying a variety of rare collectible vehicles as well as some of the latest and greatest tech. For the second straight year that tech included the Lightning LS-218, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle. If you’ve never heard of Lightning, be sure to read our introduction here. Suffice to say that the LS-218 fits right in with the crowd of exclusive, often performance oriented machines found at Pebble Beach.

The number 218 in the exotic electro bike’s name is a reference to its claimed top speed. This remarkable spec was recently put to the test at the Mojave Mile in California (due to conditions the Bonneville Speed Week was cancelled). Though it didn’t quite reach 218 mph, the Lightning was able to muster a still very impressive 209.1 mph in the standing mile.

The Lightning LS-218 is a reminder of the ever-narrowing performance gap between electric and gasoline-powered motorcycles.

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