BMW in New Mission Impossible Movie

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BMW in New Mission Impossible Movie-Tom Cruise, an S 1000 RR, and Lots of Action

Over the past few years BMW has aggressively placed their bikes in a variety of big screen productions including placing a gaggle of F 800 GS’ in 2012’s batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. The latest co-marketing deal with Hollywood involves the new movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. In the movie Tom Cruise and co-star Rebecca Ferguson race madly about on BMW S 1000 RRs (and a number of BMW cars too). It’s actually the second time BMW has worked product placement into a Mission Impossible film, the first time being with 2011’s Ghost Protocol.

The branding strategy even stretches as far as BMW TV commercials featuring footage from the movie and the ad slogan “Mission to Drive.” BMW also was the exclusive sponsor of the film’s premier in Vienna. It is worth noting that Cruise, who likes to do his own stunts, did much of his own driving and riding for the movie.

What do you think about motorcycle product placement in movies? Does it make you more positive toward the brand on screen? What’s your favorite motorcycle chase scene of all time?



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