Around the World in Six Years: Blue Rim Tours Guide Presents at the 2015 Touring Weekend

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Uwe KraussUwe Krauss joined hundreds of riders in North Carolina for the 3-day event –

UweThe Touring Weekend first began as a memorial ride for RoadRUNNER Magazine’s founder Christian Neuhauser ten years ago; just a small gathering of subscribers and friends. In recent years, it has drawn hundreds of riders from across the country and Canada for three days of touring, camaraderie, and guest speakers who are passionate about riding. Uwe Krauss was one of this year’s speakers. During his presentation, he shared photos and stories from his 6-year trip around the world. In 2001, he and his girlfriend left their jobs in Germany and started riding, first through Europe, then later through Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and The Americas. They traveled for years together, taking up whatever work they could find and documenting their journey through amazing photographs. Many of these photos can be found in Uwe’s World Travelers articles in RoadRUNNER magazine. Today, he lives with his family in the mountains of rural Germany, and is an organized tour operator throughout all of Europe. If you want to learn more about Uwe, you can join him on three Blue Rim Tours trips: Croatia Coast & Curves, Top of Europe, and the European Romance Tour.

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