Ice Bike Comes Back to Life

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Ice Bike Comes Back to LifeVictory V92 TC Gets Thawed Out –

You’ve probably heard of the Swedish propensity to build hotels out of ice. As if that weren’t odd enough, it seems they also enjoy encasing perfectly good motorcycles in the cold stuff. Back in 2011, a rather unfortunate model year 2002 Victory V92 TC suffered a fate similar to Han Solo’s in The Empire Strikes Back. The bike was frozen in a solid block of ice for display in one of the aforementioned Swedish ice hotels. The hotel had purchased 15 similar motorcycles for use as rentals for hotel guests. The bike that drew the short end of the stick was frozen to promote the rentals.

Four years later, the V92 has been rescued by Stonetown Custom. Impressively the bike needed nothing more than a new battery, an oil change, and fresh fuel before starting right up. The feat becomes more impressive when considering the bike’s long history of abuse. Apparently, before being frozen in ice, this particular V92 had served as one of Polaris’ “shaker” bikes used to test long distance durability. That means it spent the equivalent of around 186,000 miles strapped to a shaker rig.

More than likely the bike will eventually land on Craigslist as “gently used with mostly highway miles.”


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