Custom Seats from Bill Mayer Saddles

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Custom Seats from Bill Mayer SaddlesWhen you’re going to be traveling hundreds or thousands of miles on a motorcycle, comfort is extremely important. So, for many riders, a custom motorcycle seat is a must. Most aftermarket seats will offer some improvement over your stock seat, but for maximum miles there’s no substitute for a one-off throne made to fit your anatomy.

The problem is, unless you happen live close to a seat shop, getting a seat custom tailored to your body and riding style is hard to do. This is where Bill Mayer Saddles’ new website comes in. Since they know that most people don’t live within short riding distance of their shop in Ventura, CA, they’ve made it easy to order a custom seat online.

The order begins with the selection of seat type and material from a list of options ranging from a solo seat to a dual throne setup like a Gold Wing in either premium vinyl or leather. Next, you must fill out an extensive form with information such as: your height and weight (and your pillion’s too, if applicable), riding posture, motorcycle type, riding style, typical distances traveled, and what you do and don’t like about your OEM saddle. Then you submit a photo of yourself on your bike in your normal riding position (again, with your pillion if you have one). Finally, simply send in your stock seat and the experts at BMS use the information you provided to transform your seat into a custom perch for you and your passenger.

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