RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Zen Motorcyclist

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Bud MillerLong time followers of RoadRUNNER’s blog, as well as readers of the magazine, will be familiar with Bud Miller’s long running blog turned column called Zen Motorcyclist. We asked Bud to share his motorcycling history as well as the inspiration for his writing.

“Many people are raised riding motorcycles; I came to riding quite late in life and after a great tragedy. I lost my father to a brain aneurysm when he was just 57 years old. My younger brother Dave had always ridden and we shared few hobbies and interests so, as a means of spending time together, I asked him to find me an inexpensive bike to see if I might like riding. The rest, as they say, is history. My brother and I took the MSF course together and I rode the wheels off that 1981 Yamaha Maxim. It was black and gold and had no air box, but I loved it.

A few years and a few bikes later I ventured out on my 2005 V-Strom on my first extended solo trip from the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania to my sister’s home in eastern North Carolina. While it might sound like a short ride to some, to me it was an adventure. During the 13 hours or so I rode along the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive so many profound and exhilarating thoughts flowed through me that I began to consider writing them down—though I’d never written a thing before.

I started a blog of my own and since I considered myself somewhat experienced at commuting via motorcycle I called myself Commuting Motorcyclist. Somehow or another RoadRUNNER happened to notice my blog which led me to the blog I wrote for the magazine for some two years and 90 articles or so. After a few blog posts for RoadRUNNER, and based largely on the content and themes of my writing, RoadRUNNER managing editor Florian Neuhauser suggested I should change my pen name to Zen Motorcyclist. That blog led to an offer of a column in the print issue of the magazine where I am happy to write about my life as a motorcyclist.

My personal belief is that what is missing from mainstream motorcycle publications is an expression of the places we go in our heads and hearts when we ride. We all feel similar emotions, though they are sometimes very hard to identify and put words to. That is what I try to do, describe to the best of my ability, what I feel and think while I ride in the hopes that my words may resonate with other riders who feel the same things. I am fortunate and blessed to be able to do that for what has always been my favorite riding publication. I’ll be putting words to my thoughts for as long as the family at RoadRUNNER will have me. Ride safe.”

You can catch Zen Motorcyclist in the Chronicles section of RoadRUNNER Magazine.

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