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National Cycle RSHDSN31400FLHRWhen I first started riding, I thought windscreens were dorky and shunned them, instead riding my Ironhead Sportster with bugs in my teeth. That lasted until I rode a motorcycle with a good screen at highway speeds in cold weather and rain! Now, I don’t want to be without one.

RSHDSN31400-01My 2008 Harley-Davidson Road King came stock with a quick-detachable windscreen that’s too tall for me. The top edge is in the middle of my viewing line, and looking through the edge leads to distortion. I found just what I needed after a perusal of National Cycle’s product line.

I installed model N31401, which is a shorter smoke-tinted windscreen, and uses the stock mounting brackets, braces, and bolts. The instructions correctly describe the tools needed (a T-27 Torx driver and a 3/8-inch wrench) but don’t mention that the metal braces have a double-sided tape backing, which sticks to the windscreen after it’s unbolted. I found that heating the metal with a hair dryer slowly released the adhesive and allowed removal without bending the metal strips.

The National Cycle windscreen is noticeably thicker (4mm) than the original and is nicely finished. Quality, fit, and clarity are first class. It comes with metal collars called compression limiters, which prevent overzealous owners from over-tightening the bolts and cracking the screen. Disassembly, cleaning parts, and reassembly took about a half hour. Once installed, the screen looks good and is below my line of sight, yet directs most of the wind blast over the helmet.

Road King Replacement Screen
Price: $159.95

By Ken Freund


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