RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Road Rash

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Steve MaukRoadRUNNER Magazine is chock full of unique and engaging content all about motorcycle touring and travel. This includes a variety of interesting editorials covering a wide range of relevant topics—one of these, Road Rash, takes a humorous look at the issues all touring riders face. In explaining his inspiration, author Steve Mauk says, “With over forty years of riding experience on everything from single-track trails to interstate highways under my belt, one would think that I’d have it down pat by now. While I consider myself to be a competent, well-balanced rider in most situations, I occasionally feel like a lightning rod for various problems associated with the sport of motorcycling. Issues with new technology, bike repairs, accessories, the weather, etc., all provide fodder for the concept of a humorous column that I chose to call “Road Rash.”

I envisioned articles that other riders could relate to, as the aggravations on which the column is based are nearly universal. While some minimize or gloss over the problems, pretending that they don’t exist, I decided to stand up, waive the white flag, and admit to my inadequacies and frustrations in the hope of bringing a smile to subscribers’ faces.

And that, perhaps, is the appeal of the Road Rash series—showing other riders that the problems they experience have been encountered by someone else. Like Charlie Brown’s eternal hope that Lucy won’t snatch the football away from him just before he kicks it, I’m forever optimistic that it won’t rain during my next tour and that my GPS will perform flawlessly. And I just might be able to believe it, if it weren’t for the imaginary guy sitting on my shoulder whispering “sucker, sucker, sucker.” Bring it on, little guy, because I’m riding with or without you!”

Be sure to check out Road Rash in the March/April 2015 issue of RoadRUNNER Magazine.

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