2014 Motorcycle Insurance Claims from Progressive

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2014 Motorcycle Insurance Claims from ProgressiveInsurance claims can tell you a lot about motorcycle safety. Progressive recently released a variety of statistics from the company’s 2014 claims information. Much of the findings aren’t surprising, such as the fact that more motorcycle accidents happen on Saturday than any other day of the week, followed closely by Sunday and Friday. The month with the most accidents is July, no surprise there either.

As much as motorcyclists love to blame car drivers for being careless and inattentive behind the wheel (and there’s plenty of truth to that), the number one type of motorcycle accident in 2014 was single vehicle accidents. Those distracted drivers do account for the second most common accident type, however, which is motorcycles being rear-ended at stops. Accidents in intersections came in third.

So what’s the takeaway from this data? The most alarming stat for motorcyclists should certainly be that single vehicle motorcycle accidents are much more common than motorcycles being hit by other vehicles. This comes down to nothing more than rider mistakes causing crashes. We should all be wary that we are just as fallible as those driving cars and that pushing the pace just a little too much or a momentary lapse in concentration can easily lead to our inclusion in the next round of insurance statistics. Ride safe.


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