BMW Automatic Drive Chain Lubrication System (aka Scottoiler) for F 800 GS Adventure

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BMW Automatic Drive Chain Lubrication System (aka Scottoiler) for F 800 GS AdventureAlthough the Scottoiler chain lubrication system has a long and loyal following, I had never tried one before installing the BMW branded version (for purchase only through the BMW dealer network) on my 2014 F 800 GS Adventure. The main contribution of BMW to their partnership with Scottoiler seems to be the BMW sticker and a higher price than similar models available for other brands of bikes directly from Scottoiler.

Having a plethora of metric tools and dedicated garage space, I naturally wanted to install the chain oiler myself and avoid the dealer labor charge of around $200. The Scottoiler website ( has helpful information about how their product works and general installation instructions for many brands and models of bikes. Unfortunately, there were not instructions for my specific motorcycle, but I did find relevant information on the Internet, and BMW provided me their model specific installation guide. The only problem I had was connecting the kit’s vacuum adapter and hose to the appropriate rubber tube on my bike, which was in a somewhat difficult location to access.

Chain lubrication is controlled by a vacuum produced when the engine is running. The vacuum, in turn, actuates a valve enabling oil to flow in drip fashion through a hose to the bike’s chain over the rear sprocket. Centrifugal force distributes the oil over the sprocket and onto the chain. The oil drip rate is adjusted via a dial on the oil reservoir. After completing installation, I noticed oil spots appearing on the back of my right pannier. I dialed back the flow rate, which solved the excess oil problem and allowed the oil in the reservoir to last longer. Although I was initially skeptical about the cost trade-off of the Scottoiler system versus a few manual squirts of oil on my bike’s chain every 500 miles. However, after using it for several thousand miles, I have to say that the system does an effective job of chain lubrication. I also appreciate not vehaving to lubricate my bike’s chain after a long day’s ride.

BMW Automatic Chain Lubrication System

BMW Dealer MSRP: $214.95


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