Tennessee Bans Trucks on “Tail of the Dragon”

Jan 12, 2015 View Comments by

Tennessee Bans Trucks on “Tail of the Dragon”Anyone who’s ridden U.S. 129, the famous “Tail of the Dragon” between North Carolina and Tennessee, knows the dangers posed by tractor-trailers on this narrow and incredibly twisty mountain road. In some places along the 11-mile stretch, it’s impossible for such a long vehicle to make the turn using only one lane. This has resulted in a number of wrecks and fatalities over the past few years. At the very least, trucks passing through can block traffic and cause backups. North Carolina banned big rigs from its half of the Dragon several years ago, and now Tennessee is finally following suit, banning vehicles over 30 feet in length from using this section of road. Signs forbidding truckers from continuing through should be in place by mid-January 2015.

Have you had a truck-related scare while riding the Dragon? Have you had a good experience traveling the famous road?


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