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Review: Moto-SkiveezComfort on a motorcycle can make the difference between having an incredible day of riding or spending the time thinking about your bed at the end of the road. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re constantly wiggling around in your seat, trying to take the pressure off that one spot, or worse when your underthings “rub you the wrong way.” Moto-Skiveez’ patent-pending design seeks to eliminate the pressure points and sore spots that come with riding a motorcycle long distances. The solution is as simple as it is effective. Moto-Skiveez’ inventor, Shawn Lupcho, is an avid bicyclist and motorcyclist. His experience on muscle-powered bikes showed him how effective a good pair of riding shorts can be at preventing discomfort, so he set out to design the perfect pair for motorcyclists.

To do so, Shawn headed to the TMF Research Center in Verona, Italy, to find out exactly what causes pain and discomfort while riding and what could be done about it. Moto-Skiveez are the result. The garment’s primary innovation is sewn-in pads, which come in three different shapes specific to different types of riding. There’s a pair of Moto-Skiveez to suit sportbike riders, adventure and dual sport enthusiasts, and cruisers.

The pads are sewn into the seat of a high-tech pair of boxer brief style underwear. The briefs are anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and they feature perfectly flat seams to further prevent pressure points or irritation. Lastly, Moto-Skiveez are machine washable.

So how do they work in the real world? When I first tried them on, I must admit that they felt strange. After all, I am not used to padded shorts. Thankfully, after a few wears and washes, the shorts began to feel more normal and broken in. The quick adjustment period aside, the Moto-Skiveez perform beautifully on the road. I’ve accumulated 2,000 miles or so of seat time wearing a pair of Adventure Skiveez, and I can honestly say that they’re one of the best motorcycle underwear I’ve ever tried. The Skiveez can make a huge difference in comfort by virtually eliminating pressure-induced soreness, especially on bikes with a hard seat and/or stiff suspension. The moisture wicking and breathability are welcome virtues as well. They keep things noticeably cooler and drier “down there.”

If you’re having trouble logging long miles on your bike, and you’ve been thinking of sinking serious money into a new seat (or a new bike all together), you owe it to yourself to try out Moto-Skiveez. They just might do the trick.

Sizes: S-XXL
Styles: Crusier, Sportbike, Adventure
Colors: Black
Price: $59.95


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