Letter from the Publisher: No More Getting Lost!

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Letter from the Publisher: No More Getting Lost!*Here is a letter from RoadRUNNER‘s Publisher and Editor in Chief, Christa Neuhauser, highlighting the contents of RoadRUNNER Magazine’s February ’15 issue, which is now available at a newsstand near you.

Dear Reader,
Starting with this issue, we are featuring a new column called A Motorcyclist’s Guide to the Galaxy, which will be focusing on satellite navigation. GPS units have moved into our daily lives and we use this technology everywhere—the car, motorcycle, mobile phone, and computers. Even the most resistant among us have become converts to the benefits of satellite navigation. For those of us who prefer unfolding a paper map and plotting a route, consider that a GPS doesn’t replace this method but rather supplements it. RoadRUNNER provides both versions for you. I know many of you may protest that getting lost is part of the fun, and I wholeheartedly agree. The good news is that satellite technology is far from perfect, and a missed turn leads to a recalculated route that can take you down many undiscovered paths.

Surprisingly, although GPS has infiltrated so many aspects of our lives, many of us have little knowledge about how global satellite positioning actually works. To help you better understand what’s behind this technology, Yuval Naveh, an expert in the field, breaks it down for us.

Since we provide GPS files with all of our North American tours, our library is constantly growing and currently has more than 380 trips. RoadRUNNER subscribers have access to all tours that occur during their subscription period. The tour articles, detailed travel information, printable maps, and GPS files are conveniently available for download. It’s a handy resource for your own trip planning.

New and current subscribers have the option to purchase the catch-me-up deal, which gives access to all past RoadRUNNER tours including ones that are no longer available in print. Get caught up today at www.roadrunner.travel/catch-me-up. Individual digital and print issues are also available for purchase on our website and include the same full access to articles and downloadable GPS files and maps.

To best locate tours on our website, check out our Tour Explorer for tours listed by state. Alternatively, click the Interactive Tour Map, also under Touring Articles, to view trips laid out across the country. A wealth of information is right at your fingertips on the RoadRUNNER website, including all of our motorcycle tests, which are available for free with or without a subscription. If you’re researching a particular model, or just want to read about your current motorcycle, search by make and choose from the list of our reviews.

In this issue, Alfonse Palaima put the 2015 Indian Roadmaster to the test, while Florian tested the 2014 Gold Wing on a cross-country tour. Harley-Davidson has introduced their new models, and Ken Freund shares his thoughts on test riding them.

As for tours, both national and international, we take you on our adventures across this beautiful country: from the Olympic Peninsula to Minnesota for our Shamrock Tour®, to the Delaware River trip back to Arizona and New Mexico, and finally to our neighbors in the north, before heading overseas to Italy.

One last thing to note on your calendar, we finalized the location for the 2015 Touring Weekend, which is the 10th anniversary of the Christian Neuhauser Memorial Ride. It will be held near our RoadRUNNER headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC, July 16–19, 2015. Find more details at www.touring-weekend.com.

We’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a very good 2015!

Ride Safe,
Christa Neuhauser
Publisher & Editor in Chief


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