2015 BMW S 1000 XR: Sport Touring Royalty

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2015 BMW S 1000 XR: Sport Touring RoyaltyThe recipe for BMW’s newest touring machine reflects a current industry-wide trend. It goes something like this: take a liter bike, in this case BMW’s excellent S 1000 RR, remove some fairings, retune the engine, give it an upright seating position with a wide handlebar, and, voila, you’ve got a potent, naked bike (the BMW S 1000 R). Taking it a step further, you now add a larger fairing and windshield back on, throw in some creature comforts and storage capacity, and maybe increase the fuel load, and, presto, you’ve got a sport-touring machine. Meet BMW’s S 1000 XR, a bike that promises to be one of the most sport-focused touring bikes on the market.

BMW calls the XR an “adventure sport” motorcycle, though it doesn’t have any off-road pretenses, which we think is a good thing. The bike is powered by the 999cc inline-four cylinder engine found in the S 1000 RR, but, as in the S 1000 R roadster, it’s tuned for “only” 160 horsepower. As we’ve come to expect from modern BMWs, the S 1000 XR is available with just about every electronic system yet devised for motorcycles (ABS, DTC, ESA, ASC…the list goes on), along with a bevy of riding modes. Compared to the bikes on which it’s based, the XR has greater suspension travel which should lend it a more forgiving ride over rough surfaces most likely at the cost of a higher seat height.

BMW has not released full specs or pricing and availability on the S 1000 XR as yet.


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