RoadRUNNER Editor Spotlight: Florian Neuhauser

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RoadRUNNER Editor Spotlight: Florian NeuhauserYou’ve read their articles and perhaps met them out on the road or at RoadRUNNER‘s annual Touring Weekend, but what do you know about our illustrious group of writers and editors? We decided to ask each one a few simple questions and share their responses with you, next up, RoadRUNNER‘s Senior Editor, Florian Neuhauser.

Name: Florian Neuhauser
Current city and state: Winston-Salem, NC

  1. How and when did you start riding? I started to ride at age 15. At first I took a safety and motorcycle course in Austria, and then I learned on family rides on the weekend. Riding behind my dad taught me the most.
  2. What was your first bike? My first bike was a 1995 Honda VFR 750. In hindsight it was a bit much, but after a few months of getting used to the power and handling it was smooth sailing. The VFR is still one of my favorite motorcycles.
  3. Tell us your favorite road where you live? Highway 8 North. First through North Carolina and then into Virginia.
  4. Current ride (or bike you ride the most)? 1997 Triumph Tiger
  5. Number one Bucket List Road? Through Alaska… still on the list.

What are the best and worst bikes you’ve ever ridden and how did they earn that distinction?

The worst bike I’ve ridden was a Buell Ulysses. The vibrations were so bad I couldn’t see anything in my mirrors, and the excessive heat to my right leg made a weeklong tour seem never ending. Next would be any motorcycle on a hot day with a huge fairing restricting airflow.

The best bike has to be the KTM 1190 Adventure. And it only claimed the number one spot shortly after the Ducati Multistrada was at the top. The KTM is such a blast to ride! The power and handling combined with touring characteristics makes this a no-brainer decision.

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