RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Virginia State Route 80

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Virginia State Route 80Virginia State Route 80 is a hidden gem for experienced riders, because it’s not a route riders are likely to come across unless they know where to find it. It’s great East Coast mountain riding in rural southwest Virginia.

Scenery: Numerous scenic vistas as the road summits one Appalachian mountain ridge after another. Check out the scenery at Breaks Interstate Park on the border of Virginia and Kentucky.
Curves: Almost continuous curves as the route snakes over a steady progression of mountain ridges.
Traffic: Generally light.
Distance: Approximately 73 miles.
Time required: 2 hours without stops
Technical difficulty: This is technical, mountain riding with challenging curves, narrow roadways, decreasing radius turns, and few guard rails


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