Liz Jansen Embarks on Two-Wheeled Spiritual Quest

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Liz Jansen Embarks on Two-Wheeled Spiritual QuestLiz Jansen, author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment and Life Lessons From Motorcycles has big plans for her 60th year. On August 4th she intends to depart on a long distance motorcycle journey on her Yamaha Super Ténéré that will take her from Canada to Chile. Along the way she’ll be posting a weekly podcast called Wheels to Wisdom via Ancient Spirituality, which endeavors to explore how our cultures shape us and to chronicle her personal quest to reconnect with herself and restore balance to her life and the world, as well as updates on her travels.

Liz Jansen Embarks on Two-Wheeled Spiritual Quest“In many cultures, turning 60 signifies the beginning of a new life cycle,” says Jansen. “It’s a perfect time to reflect on life, reframe your perspective, and re-establish priorities. Through Wheels to Wisdom, I’ll share what promises to be an extraordinary and enlightening adventure.”

As she journeys through North, Central, and South America Jansen plans to search out her own Mennonite roots as well as seeking out local spiritual leaders along her route. She will share their wisdom in interviews via the Wheels to Wisdom podcast, which is available on iTunes, YouTube, and on her website.


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