Review: Alpinestars GP Air Gloves

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Review: Alpinestars GP Air GlovesFor many gear companies, summer hand wear means a simple mesh glove that’s great for airflow but provides little or no real protection. Not so with the GP Air gloves from Alpinestars. In fact, the GP Airs don’t contain mesh at all. Instead, the gloves use different materials and clever design to achieve the airflow needed for comfortable summer riding. Small Spandex panels between the fingers create a soothing breeze right where it’s most needed while allowing impressive dexterity. Further improving hot weather performance are breathable fabric panels and air vents on the back of the hands. Padded impact protection on the thumbs and index, middle, and ring fingers are perforated. The GP Air’s Neoprene cuffs close around your wrists with Velcro for a nice tight fit allowing air to travel up your jacket sleeves for more summer relief.

The gloves are constructed of an exotic mix of materials including full-grain goat leather and synthetic suede, which are both lightweight and abrasion resistant. Foam backed carbon knuckle guards protect the knuckles and back of the hand. Additional protection comes from the aforementioned impact pads as well as hard plastic sliders on the palms and pinky and ring finger connectors to keep the pinky from getting twisted back (in theory at least).

So now you more or less have a run down of the glove’s features and specs, but what you really want to know is, how do they perform? The answer is very well. The GP Airs have become my glove of choice when the weather’s warm, which it is and will be for the next few months at least. The gloves are extremely lightweight and relatively thin, which means they offer more dexterity than any other motorcycle glove I’ve used. In fact, they impede hand movement so little that I was able to take full advantage of another of the glove’s nice bonus features; touch screen sensitive panels on the tips of both thumb and index fingers. I was able to type text messages on my iPhone while wearing the gloves without much trouble and with surprisingly few typos (not while riding of course).

Though ventilation isn’t quite on par with most full mesh gloves, it is good enough to keep my hands cool and mostly dry in mid 90-degree temperatures. Fit and finish on the gloves is excellent, as is expected from a premium brand like Alpinestars. I wear a size Large in virtually every glove brand out there, and there were no surprises from A-stars size wise, the gloves fit like, well, a glove.

Alpinestars GP Air Gloves
Sizes: S-3XL
Colors: black, black/white, and black/white/red
Price: $109.95

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