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Review: Stylmartin Indian BootsYes, I’ll admit it; these are my favorite motorcycle boots yet. And in order to attain that status they’ve had to live up to a lot. For a while now I’ve been looking for a pair of touring boots that provide meaningful protection and all day comfort while looking good. Waterproof would be nice too. That’s a tall order for one set of footwear to meet, but (and I’m actually quite amazed) the Indian boots from Stylmartin have checked off every requirement and then some.

Let’s start with the most important quality a motorcycle boot should possess, protection. One of the first things I noticed about the Indians when I first took them out of the box was how stiff the Vibram soles were. So stiff in fact that I worried they’d be difficult to walk in. A good way to test the stoutness of any boot is to take the toe and heel in hand and try to bend and twist the sole. The more resistance, the less likely the boot is to allow injury to your feet in the event of a crash. These Stylmartins passed this test with flying colors being at least as robust as any dedicated touring boot I’ve worn before. And I needn’t have been concerned about comfort either as, after a brief break in period, the boots became all-day comfortable. In addition to the strong sole, the Indians also possess malleolus (ankle) protection on each side. Perfectly shaped armor is embedded underneath the leather outer shell in such a way as to be virtually invisible, yet your ankles are protected.

The boots are constructed of thick, full grain leather and are fastened by long laces (two different colors are supplied), which bring up the only safety issue I can see. The laces are so long it’s crucial to remember to tuck them into the boots as the last thing you’d want would be for them to get tangled in a moving chain.

After initial inspection, I was incredulous about the boot’s waterproof claims. The Indians have a waterproof and breathable inner lining, but I didn’t think they’d stand up to a real downpour. I was wrong. Recently, during a 600-mile riding day I rode through several hours’ worth of moderate to heavy rain. To my surprise, not a drop of water penetrated to my socks. Waterproof claim confirmed.

Of course the style department is entirely subjective, but I like the simple, classic look of the Indians, and as I’ve worn them the leather has aged nicely. I’ve now worn the Stylemartins for thousands of miles of riding, and they’ve become my boot of choice every time.

Stylmartin Indian Boot
European 39-47
Colors: Black (with black and green laces) or Brown (with brown and red laces)
Price: $295


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