BMW Concept Roadster

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BMW Concept RoadsterAt last year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy BMW unveiled the Concept Ninety, which later went into production as the R nineT roadster. This year, the folks in Munich have unveiled another advanced roadster concept based around their iconic boxer engine, this time the water-cooled version. Called simply the Concept Roadster, the bike is a much more modern take on the roadster style than the Concept 90 and R nineT. Retro style is replaced with a more angular, aggressive design. The 1,170cc boxer twin is blacked out and sits in the middle of a thin, lightweight frame that makes use of plenty of machined aluminum.

Usually when a company produces a concept bike like this its primary purpose is to drum up some attention. However, as we saw with the Concept Ninety and the R nineT last year, BMW could very well be letting us see a bike that’s not far from production. The no less than 55 photos accompanying the Concept Roadster’s press release would certainly seem to confirm that BMW is proud of what they’ve built, and we think they should be, as the bike looks absolutely stunning. Here’s hoping we see it again.

What do you think of BMW’s latest roadster creation?

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