Product Introduction: Helmet Hook

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Product Introduction: Helmet HookIt’s perhaps one of the most persistent problems in all of motorcycling. Where do you put your helmet when you make a quick stop for gas or to take in a roadside view? If you’re like me, you’ve set your helmet on the seat—only to have it slide off and fall to the ground with a thunk the minute your back was turned. (A helmet that’s fallen from more than a foot or so off the ground may be compromised and should be immediately replaced.) Or you’ve stuck it on top of your mirrors only to find them horribly askew when you resumed riding. The Helmet Hook is a simple solution to this universal motorcycling issue. The design is simple and entails a small plastic hook with a built in metal washer in the center. To install, simply remove one of your motorcycle’s bar end weights, slide on the Helmet Hook, and then reinstall the bar end. Just like that you’ve got a handy and secure place to stash your helmet for those quick stops. Your helmet’s chinstrap or the D-ring slides easily into the Helmet Hook allowing it to hang from your handlebar with no chance of falling.

You can find the Helmet Hook for $15.95 at and look for it coming soon to the Aerostich catalogue.


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