Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet

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Icon Airframe Statistic HelmetIf you’re the kind of rider who insists on wearing a helmet with limited coverage, or worse, a novelty helmet or even none at all, you may want to go ahead and exit this page. For the rest of you, however, the Icon Airframe helmet offers a grim reminder of the importance, not only of wearing a helmet, but of wearing one that covers your whole head, not just the top. Based on the study of helmet impact distribution by German Dietmar Otte, head of accident research at the Hanover Medical School, the helmet is divided into various sections each of which contains a percentage indicating the likelihood of impact in that part of the head. The advantages of a full-face design quickly become apparent when a tally of the six sections covering a rider’s face reveal a 63.6-percent probability of a hit in that area. In fact, the part of the head protected by novelty and beanie style helmets amounts to only 7.3-percent of potential impacts. Without going into further detail, Icon’s Statistic helmet makes it all too clear that a full-face helmet offers vastly superior protection over other styles. According to the Center for Disease Control, helmets reduce the possibility of death in a motorcycle crash by a whopping 37-percent as well as reducing the risk of head injury by 69-percent. The CDC further estimates that helmets saved the lives of 1,544 motorcyclists just in 2010. How much would these numbers increase if all riders wore full-face helmets? With the percentages displayed so prominently, kudos to Icon for creating such a thought-provoking piece of headgear.


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