RoadRUNNER Tour Guide and World Traveler Lars Caldenhoven to Attend Touring Weekend

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RoadRUNNER Tour Guide and World Traveler Lars Caldenhoven to Attend Touring WeekendWhen Lars Caldenhoven left his native home in the Netherlands to travel the world, he had no idea that his journey would lead him to put down roots on the other side of the world in Arequipa, Peru. As a boy, he was very interested in Native American culture, and as a man this interest led him to explore the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. He then spent a year in Patagonia before finally coming to Peru. There, he fell in love with the beauty, the culture, and the Incan architecture and decided to stay.

After moving permanently to Arequipa, Lars founded a tour company for foreigners wishing to explore his new home as well as Bolivia and Chile. In addition to offering bus, car, and even walking tours in Peru, his company also runs motorcycle tours, which is how his connection to RoadRUNNER began. Now, Lars is Blue Rim Tours’ primary Peru tour guide, taking RoadRUNNER readers on spectacular South American journeys.

This summer, Lars will be a special guest at RoadRUNNER’s annual Touring Weekend where he’ll be on hand to share from his treasure trove of travel stories and answer any questions about touring in South America. The weekend, July 17-20, 2014, will be held in Snowshoe, WV. For more info and to register, click here.


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