Review: Nelson Rigg AS-3000 Aston 2-Piece Rain Suit

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Review: Nelson Rigg AS-3000 Aston 2-Piece Rain SuitRain gear. It’s utterly forgotten when not needed and usually needed when forgotten. It’s the motorcyclist’s first line of defense against the soaking downpour that is sure to catch us sooner or later. Though some riders view these brightly colored plastic ensembles as either a nice luxury or a complete waste of space, most serious touring folks regard them as an essential piece of gear to have on any tour. Typically, it only takes one good storm to move someone from the first category to the second. Though there are plenty of jackets and pants that claim to be waterproof, few can withstand a deluge for an extended period of time.

For these reasons, the AS-3000 Aston 2-piece suit from Nelson Rigg has followed me around on most of my two-wheeled adventures for the past year. Due to quite a bit of good luck, it generally remained folded up in the bottom of my luggage for the duration of my trips. However, my luck ran out (as it inevitably does) during an early October tour in Ontario. Dark storm clouds and a steady torrent forced me to abandon the day’s planned route and hightail it to the next hotel. About 100 miles of rain-drenched highway stood between me and my destination with only the polyester and PVC shell of my outerwear to keep the penetrating water at bay. The temperature was in the mid-40s, so keeping dry wasn’t just a comfort concern; it was also a safety issue.

An hour and a half or so later, I pulled up to my hotel very thankful that the AS-3000 had made the trip with me. My leather jacket and pants were dry, and more importantly, I was too. The Nelson Rigg gear had performed its task exceptionally well; my “waterproof” gloves were nearly soaked through, but not a drop had penetrated the AS-3000.

Upon close inspection, it’s clear that the Aston is the product of thoughtful design. Useful features like boot stirrups, waterproof pockets, effective venting, and adjustable suspenders make the suit practical and easy to use. It’s sized to easily slip over your riding gear. It’s comfortable and remains in place even in high winds, thanks to a fit that’s quickly perfected with a number of adjustable Velcro straps. Heat resistant panels on the inner legs prevent the material from melting on contact with hot parts, and reflective piping and available Hi-Viz colors make sure you’re as noticeable as possible. A hood is tucked neatly away in the jacket’s collar, and the outfit comes with a 2-year warranty.

If you consider yourself a dedicated tourer, then most likely you already have a rain suit packed in with your gear. If not, I highly recommend you invest in one; you’ll thank me when the storm clouds gather. The Nelson Rigg AS-3000 Aston is certainly a great option; it kept me warm and dry during a long wet ride. What more can you ask?

Nelson Rigg AS-3000 Aston 
2-Piece Rain Suit
Sizes: S-4XL
Colors: Black/Black, Black/Red, 
and Hi-Viz Yellow
Price: $89.95


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