George Brough’s Brough Superior Hits the Auction Block

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George Brough’s Brough Superior Hits the Auction BlockIt’s always interesting when iconic motorcycles from the past resurface to tell their stories, and, usually, to fetch their owners a princely sum at auction. Such is the case with this, a 1939 Brough Superior SS100 owned and raced by George Brough himself. Two days after it was registered in his name, Mr. Brough ran the bike in the London to Edinburgh endurance race. For the rest of 1939, Brough rode the bike heavily, including a Tour of Ireland. It was offered for sale in April of 1945 just before VE Day (Victory in Europe Day May 8, 1945, the end of World War II in Europe).

On August 14, 1961 the SS100 was purchased by the current owner’s father for £70. Six years later the bike was placed in storage, though it was used occasionally and kept in good condition for the next 47 years. When it rolls onto the Bonhams Auction Block on April 27, 2014 in Staffordshire, England it is expected to go for between £140,000 and £180,000 (equivalent to $232,000 to nearly $300,000).

The 1939 Brough Superior will be joined by a variety of other rare and unique vintage motorcycles including a 1975 Bimota 970cc HB1 and a 1929 Scott 596cc race bike.


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