Harley-Davidson Has Sites Set on India

Mar 24, 2014 View Comments by

Harley-Davidson Has Sites Set on IndiaIndia, the world’s second most populous nation with over 1.2 billion people, is one of Harley-Davidson’s primary target markets. Since first entering the Indian market in 2009, Harley-Davidson has already become the biggest seller of 800cc plus motorcycles in the country (though admittedly that’s not yet a large segment in India) with 4,000 bikes sold through 2013. The Indian market was a major impetus for the production of the new Street 500 and 750, the first all new models from the Motor Company in 14 years. This is because the smaller displacements are still much more popular in India. In fact, in the truly large 1,600cc plus class, yearly unit sales are only in the double digits with Suzuki moving the most units. Ironically (and creating great potential for confusion) Polaris is preparing to move into the heavyweight market with their new Indian Motorcycles further muddying the waters for the Motor Company.

What do you think, do you see Harley-Davidson’s freedom laced heavy metal mantra translating into a market like India’s?


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