The Grand Alps Tour: Blue Rim’s Tour de France

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The Grand Alps Tour: Blue Rim’s Tour de FranceWith its focus Formerly known as the Grand Alps Tour, Blue Rim’s Tour de France has been renamed to reflect its focus on southeastern France the Grand Alps Tour is Blue Rim’s Tour de France as it covers much of the same ground as the world famous bicycle race. The route also features many gems unique to the French Alps. These include Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, Col de la Bonette, the highest paved road in the Alps, and many other stunning alpine roads and passes. The tour also makes an overnight stop at the medieval fortress of Briançon, which also happens to be the city with the highest altitude in the European Union (4,350 feet). This tour isn’t just limited to France, however, as it follows the Alps through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy as well. Along the way guests experience the best in European hospitality with fantastic food and quaint local lodging.

The route’s roads are twisty and challenging, and in some places only wide enough for a motorcycle to pass. There are dozens of switchbacks as the route ascends and descends the highest passes of the Alps making this trip a curve lover’s dream come true.

At the Swiss-Italian border the trip makes another memorable stop at one of Europe’s highest and most iconic peaks, the Matterhorn. The mountain’s steep pyramid-like sides face each of the four compass points as glaciers cling to its base making for an unforgettable alpine scene. Other highlights of the trip include the lavender fields of Provence and the Verdon Gorges. The gorges, created by the Verdon River, reach nearly 2,300 feet in depth and offer some of the most beautiful views in France.

This tour is led by long time RoadRUNNER contributor, World Traveler, guide, and area native Uwe Krauss. The tour is technically demanding and will give experienced motorcyclists the ride of a lifetime! The Grand Alps Tour takes place June 11-25, 2014 and registration closes on March 28th so hurry to reserve your place now!

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