Tyler Kinkade: Trouble for a Tour Leader

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Tyler Kinkade: Trouble for a Tour Leader

I’m not the best rider, I’d honestly just call myself average with lots of potential to improve. The thing is, I don’t ride every week; I don’t even ride every month. Yes weather (winters in Michigan) is part of the reason, and in the past finances were part of this equation as well, but the facts remain, I’m an average rider and I’m not trying to fool anyone. So when I was hired on as a tour guide for Maui Moto Adventures in Maui, HI, I was ecstatic, but doubtful that I possessed the riding skills to give the customers an adventure of a lifetime. Then Mike (the owner) trained me. Turns out I was fast enough, and it turns out the ride isn’t even about speed. For most of these guys, the ride is just about taking a break from walking the beach front, getting sunburned, and buying trinkets and souvenirs that won’t fit in their over packed luggage. It’s a chance to see the real Hawaii. It’s the interaction with your guide (me) who reads your ability and makes sure that you have the best tour possible. In most cases this is no problem, but then there was my challenge, Tyler Kinkade.

Tyler is an Open A off-road rider capable of riding twice as fast as me while doing a wheelie. This is no exaggeration. As we leave the shop, he cranks past me while shifting gears through a stand up wheelie. I’m now thinking to myself, “how am I going to keep this guy entertained the rest of the day?” In hindsight I realize I had nothing to worry about. Tyler was actually one of the easiest guys to lead on a tour. He is super down to earth and humble. He was just excited to be out on a bike with other riders in one of the most beautiful states in America. The fact is, everyone who rides regardless of skill level has a common passion. This shared interest is something special that jump starts the relationship process so by the time we took our first break, we were already laughing, and swapping our personal riding stories from the past. So even at different skill levels, we all had a blast on the tour. Tyler just picked the harder lines and did it all on one wheel.

This week Tyler sent me a link to the video he made of his riding in Maui. It’s split between the tour I took him on and a day on the Maui track. Enjoy.



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