Touring Tip: Navigating RoadRUNNER’s Extensive Library of Tours to Plan Your Next Trip

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It’s only early March, but I’m already thinking about and planning motorcycle trips for the upcoming riding season. As the snow piles up outside, it’s a pleasurable diversion to look ahead for enticing new destinations and exciting roads for getting there. As many of you may know, RoadRUNNER has a veritable digital bank vault chock full of interesting destinations and roads, both in the U.S. and abroad, on its website. Here’s a step-by-step example of how to plan a trip using the RoadRUNNER website’s interactive, easy to use software:

Screen 1Step 1: I click on the Interactive Tour Map for the USA and Canada and learn that RoadRUNNER has 343 (and counting) tours to choose from. In fact there are so many that the individual icons almost block out the shape of the lower 48 states.




Screen 2



Step 2: I’ve heard that Colorado is a great place to tour, so I zoom into that state and find that there are nine different tours to choose from.





Screen 3




Step 3: I’m curious as to why all of the tours are located west of Denver and switch to the satellite image of this same map where I can zoom in even closer to evaluate the terrain. It becomes obvious that western Colorado is a mountainous region and eastern Colorado is flat prairie.




Screen 4




Step 4: I click on the nine different tour icons to decide which ones I want to explore further. The Frisco, Colorado Shamrock Tour®, which appeared in the July/August 2011 issue (beginning on page 18), looks particularly appealing. I also like Shamrock Tours® because they’re based out of a central location, which eliminates the daily packing and unpacking. I click on “Read Article” to find out more.







Screen 5Step 5: I read the entire article. This step requires logging in before proceeding. (Readers have full access to all tours within their subscription period. Anything outside of that period, they will have to purchase the digital version of that issue.)











Screen 6Step 6: I notice at the top of the page that I also can elect to read the full article in the digital version, which originally appeared in the magazine.








Screen 7Step 7: Next, I download the route maps to check them out.













Screen 8Step 8: Satisfied that this tour is perfect for my vacation, I download the tour’s GPS file. First I upload it to to make sure the route covers all the roads/area I want. If it does, I then upload it to my GPS device. If I need to modify the route for any reason, I open the route in BaseCamp, and after making the modifications, I transfer it to the device directly from the BaseCamp software.




So don’t delay, get started with your trip planning now, because it’s more fun than just watching the snow pile up!

Watch the informative tutorial below.

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