Harley-Davidson Tire Tips

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Harley-Davidson Tire TipsChances are, as a seasoned motorcyclist, you’re well aware of the importance of using proper tires and maintaining them. However, it’s still always intriguing to hear from OEMs on their tire recommendations. This list comes from the folks over at Harley-Davidson.

  1. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure. Harley-Davidson Product Portfolio Manager Steve Bindl says, “Checking tire pressure is one of the most important tire maintenance functions a rider can perform. Properly inflated tires wear longer, and correct tire pressure promotes better braking, improved fuel economy, maximizes traction, and reduces the risk of tire damage or failure.”
  2. Don’t Exceed the Bike’s Rated Load Capacity. This should go with out saying, but it can also be easy to forget. The more accessories, luggage, and, of course, people you load a motorcycle with the closer you get to overloading the bike. An interesting side note here is that Harley-Davidson states: “Trailers should never be used with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Pulling a trailer will void both the motorcycle and tire warranty.” It’s also nice to know that the bike loses 20 pounds of load capacity for every psi the tires are underinflated.
  3. Replace Worn Out Tires. Another no brainer, but it can be hard to cough up the dough for new tires when you can convince yourself your old ones have another couple hundred miles left in them. If your tires are balding, (with tread 2/32 of an inch deep or less), have cuts, gouges, or other damage, it’s time for some new rubber.
  4. Get the Right Tires. Simple yes, but straying from the OEM recommended tire size is never a good idea. Also, having a different tire types front and back can cause handling issues.

Now most of this is pure common sense, but it’s always wise to go over it again, especially with what’s riding on your tires. When was the last time you checked your tire pressure and gave your bike’s shoes a thorough exam?


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